The «Casa de Infesta» is located in a small farm on the west slope of the Aboboreira mountain range, offering the visitor a magnificent view over the valley.
It is a traditional granite house, which has been the property of the same family for over two centuries. 
Although it was subject to major transformations in 1864 and 1909, these did not spoil the harmony of the construction. In the works made later, it was sought to keep the house of 1909.
In the surrounding area, the vinho verde district, the visitor will be able to see traditional wine-growing practices: vinha de enforcado (”hanged man vine”, a vine that grows up a tree) and trellised vine.
In a favoured location, close to the towns of Amarante, Baião, Marco de Canaveses and Vila Real, all worth seeing, «Casa de Infesta» offers the visitor many opportunities to explore a region of high tourist interest.
The place is quiet, offering a swimming pool.
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